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Broader Concepts was founded in 2007, by Sandra Sam, one of the top experts in the health and wellness industry. Broader Concepts is focused on providing motivation, inspiration and specific strategies to help individuals and families reach their highest potential through lifestyle changes that will boost energy, improve concentration and increase productivity.

Sandra has over twenty years of expertise in health and fitness industry and is committed to bringing her knowledge of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle strategies to organizations, individuals and families.  Sandra’s gift is igniting a passion in others that stirs the energy within, and her belief is that each one of us is empowered to make positive changes in our lives. Her mission is to inspire others to create a lifestyle that improves physical and mental strength, increases the quality of life and helps others reach their fullest potential.

Broader Concepts has delivered numerous seminars for many prestigious organizations in North Carolina and beyond, including the YMCA, Skin Oasis Day Spa, New Providence Baptist Church, Southside Church of Christ and The Women’s Empowerment Conference. Sandra Sam is the Co-Chair of the health ministry at the Southside Church of Christ in Durham, North Carolina.

In addition to grassroots organizations, Broader Concepts has worked with large organizations to bring health and wellness to their employees. In 2010, Broader Concepts developed a corporate wellness program for Wake Technical Community College, which will ultimately reduce their costs related to healthcare programs and ensure their employees overall health. Recently, Sandra has shared her knowledge with a group of healthcare professionals in New York City working to improve health conditions in Haiti.

Founder Sandra Sam has been featured in The Connection Place Magazine (TCP), Plug Magazine and Heart-to-Heart Magazine.